Sudety 2016: 24 tm 29 juli

De enige echte kopstart... die waar je de prijs voor betaald bij de eerste klim

Vorige week vrijdag al in mijn 'speech' verwerkt: ja, ik ga de Sudety 2016 doen. Weet niet of en met wie, want tot op heden heeft nog 1 iemand ja gezegd, en 2 mtba'rs: interesse!

Even in het kort, wat was de Sudety ook alweer?

Frank, Nick, Joost, Gijs, moi, Joene, Ninko en Coen (Kivada) waren daar. We reden editie 2015 in teams van tweetallen. Super cool was dat. Niet persé nodig trouwens. Bram was er ook, alleen toen nog geen MTBA-r, en reed alleen met zijn maatjes van Mantel.

1) Een super vette technische mooie omgeving MTB tocht. Dat is alvast 1. Persoonlijk heb ik nog nooit zoveel singletrails en uitdagingen achter elkaar gehad.
2) Hij is betaalbaar (voor max 700 euro zit je er een week, met eten, een bed bier, en vervoer heen en weer.
3) We hebben in 2015 super veel lol gehad met elkaar als groep, maar ook met de andere deelnemers, er waren duitsers, polen, tjechen, australiers, spanjaarden, engelsen etc.
4) zie weer 1
5) Gary Fisher is erbij! zie verder
6) Video met dikke Dennis: Video overall Sudety 2015

Waarom zet ik hem er nu al op? Tot 31 december is de inschrijving extra goedkoop. Niet dat deze anders duur is, maar toch. Elke euro bespaard is ergens anders bij de Alkoholski weer uitgeven..

App mij maar voor vragen, of 1 van de anderen hierboven uiteraard. Ik schrijf me in voor de basisvariant, dus slapen in scholen, eten in de groep, bagagevervoer en eind maaltijd plus 2 extra nachten.

Inschrijven / registreren: TimeTime of MTBchallenge

24 tm 29 juli. Vorig jaar 1 dag eerder aangekomen, en een dag later vertrokken. Reken op 10 uur reizen. 6 dagen koers, 1e dag proloog 1.5-2uur dit jaar), dan 5 dagen 3.5 tot 4.5 uur fietsen per dag.

Training? Gewoon in vorm zijn, niets specifieks,  adviseer wel de RDHF bijvoorbeeld. Vooral de 5 dagen met beleid rijden, goed eten, en alles heel houden.. 

Nog even teruglezen hoe het ook al weer was in 2015?

Sudety 2015:


zwaarste dag, laatste afdaling

Toen was het nog lachen!

Kivada!! En pijpuh voor 10e

Voor Joene!


  1. Ik ben wat teveel van huis om deze er nog bovenop te stapelen. Bang dat als ik terug kom de sleutel niet meer past... Maar als dat niet zo was, zou ik direct inschrijven want van wat ik van jullie gehoord heb en ook wat ik heb gelezen (ik vertrouw jullie natuurlijk 100% maar toch is het een goede gewoonte meerder bronnen te checken ;-)), is dit idd een top event! Ik hoop dat weer veel MTBA-ers zich inschrijven en ik kijk nu al uit naar de verhalen!!!

  2. @ facebook Sudety mensen: Wie licht Declan eigenlijk in?

    En verder, Ja Bart, klopt.Jammer, maar dat is de realiteit. Het is wel een echt Bart parcours trouwens. Maar voor de rest die twijfelt: ook de minder technische mensen hebben super veel lol gehad, met mountainbiken he.

  3. Proloog is maar 40 min Arno als je doorrijd.. Scheelt alweer! Verder, als je deze nooit hebt gedaan, moet je je snel inschrijven. Je doet jezelf anders gewoon te kort!

  4. En hierbij het verslag dat in een Australisch mtb magazine is komen te staan. Geschreven door onze Aussie sudety vriend Declan, een aussie die de hele week met ons optrok en ook schrijft voor dit mag.

    Poland sits on the Eastern side of Europe, bordering with Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other Eastern European countries, with 38 million people calling it home. Well known as the first country invaded by Germany in WWII, home to the most famous concentration camp, Auschwitz and birth place of Frederik Chopin and Marie Curie, Poland is rarely mentioned as a mountain bike destination. However in 2005 the Sudety MTB Challenge was first run through the western border of Poland and the Czech Republic, opening up opportunities for the world to view the world class trails built over hundreds of years.

    Starting in the skiing town of Stronie Slaskie, the Sudety Mountain Bike Challenge takes competitors over 7 days of raw, natural terrain used by centuries of locals as trails to move between towns and cities through the mountain ranges. The natural essence of these trails is immediately visible with loose, rocky descents snaking down the mountains, covered in ruts, roots and shale unlike any other mountain bike trail I have seen. This is the theme throughout Poland, where riders use natural trails rather than carving kilometres of track where it already exists.

    An exploration of the mountains surrounding Stronie Slaskie was the order of the first few days of racing, allowing a shorter, 3 day race option for those athletes looking to taste Polish mountain biking for themselves. These trails showcased what Poland had to offer with riders spending 4-6 hours on the bike covering technical, fast and exhilarating trails all day long.

    As the race progresses, a point to point style event takes place, showcasing a further variety of trails to the riders. In 2015, riders traversed to Bardo along the Polish-Czech Republic border, dodging border markers on the technical singletrack that created the border line for centuries. On towards Gluszcya creates an uphill battle, with many small rewards along the route as riders traverse a 30m high Aqueduct and ride through a Prussian Fortress, at the top before heading into tree lined singletrack towards the finish. For some riders the stage 5 entry into Duzniki Zdroj was a real event highlight, heading down a ski field into the winter ski resort where the finish line awaited, however the 83km challenge held before this allowed riders to test the legs as well as ride through 13th century castle ruins and a testing climb through the National park.

    While not all riders will be attracted to attending a race to experience the trails that surround Poland, it does allow for a range of riding to be covered, and the routes to be organised with only arrows to follow, rather than a GPS or map. The Sudety MTB Challenge isn’t the only option, with race organisers also running the Beskidy MTB Challenge, MTB Trilogy and the Marathon due to return in 2016 for endurance based riders. These events are complemented by the popular Jelenia Gora Trophy and Puchar polski MTB Trophy for the XCO based racers .

    1. en meer:

      Riders throughout Poland head to the southern mountains bordering with the Czech Republic and Slovakia to gain the best mountain biking on offer, as well as attending these popular races. In this area you will also be able to ride the Palencia Bike Park, fitted with a chair lift and range of trails for all levels of riders and riding styles designed for all day outings on more traditional trails.

      As the villages are short distances apart and the trails were designed to travel between the villages, some riders choose to bike pack through Poland. With multiple route choices available as well as many locations to head towards, this can be a great way to see the vast and dynamic landscape that Poland has to offer.

      Travelling through Southern Poland can be a challenge due to the lack of public transport compared to many other countries in Europe. However with affordable car rental or taxi hire it can be completed relatively easily. The Polish language is also a significant challenge for English speakers with foreign sounds unlike any other language. When standing at a grocery store register I normally expect a standard greeting, then asked for the amount of money that I owe the store. As much as this may have been the case I struggled to understand a word that was spoken and unfortunately the English in many of these stores was not of a great level, so I turned to holding out an amount of cash I hoped would pay the bill and trusting that it was all correct. This is the hardest challenge for many people heading into foreign countries, so with a few small Polish words and sentences memorised there will be no issues.

      During the Sudety MTB Challenge in 2015, riders were amazed by the technical nature of the trails and the welcoming nature of the public with hundreds of riders charging through often quiet towns. The race dynamic created a comfortable atmosphere where riders experienced the diverse trails available in Poland with different and challenging trails on a daily basis being a highlight for all. With great staff and support available during the race, all riders attend knowing that they are well catered for and looked after during their visit to Poland, and will head away with a life long memory of the trails they have conquered during their visit.


      - Australian mobile carriers international packages don’t often cover telephone usage in Poland. Free wifi can be a challenge to find, but is available in most towns if you have the time and patience, however the easiest method is to purchase a sim card, available at most supermarkets for around $5-10, that will cover calls and data usage.
      - The Polish Zloty goes a long way, don’t feel that you need thousands to get through your trip. A large pizza will set you back around $4 while a delicious ice cream will set you back around $2.
      - English speakers are harder to find in Poland than through the rest of Europe. Practice your charades and you will do just fine!

    2. en nog meer :) :

      - In order to get direct to the mountain biking in Poland, it is best to fly into either Prague (Czech Republic) or Wroclaw (Poland). From here, it is easiest to drive to your final location, however there is limited public transport that can help you make the journey.

      - Poland is known amongst mountain bikers for its steep and rough terrain, we recommend the following bike setup when riding there
      - XC Dual Suspension bikes are becoming lighter every year, and more efficient to climb. Due to the rough nature of the trails, this will allow more comfort for all day riding
      - Climbs are regular and steep throughout Poland, so a low ratio gearing setup is highly recommended. Opt for a 28/30T chain ring on 1x bike setups or a 22-28T inner chain ring for 2/3x setups. Chat to your local mechanic about options.
      - The trails are very raw and unpredictable, so a grippy front tyre such as the Maxxis Ardent, Schwable Nobby Nic or Specialized Ground Control is recommended, paired with an equivalent or faster rolling rear tyre. Choose a tyre with a high level of puncture protection as punctures are common.
      - For those of you looking to hit the descents fast, a dropper post is a great addition to your bike setup. The trails are technical, so the dropper will allow you more bike control

      - Be prepared for a variety of weather conditions when riding in Poland. The week before I arrived there were daily storms and maximum temperatures of 15 degrees, when I was riding it was sunny and 20 with the occasional shower and the week after I left the temperatures soared to maximums of 35-40 each day. Bring a good rain jacket, and clothes that you can layer up in case the weather turns bad.

  5. Ik ga er nog even goed over nadenken en beslis ergens in januari denk ik.. ;)

    1. Goede voornemens voor het nieuwe jaar neem je altijd voor 1 januari ;-)


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